Know about the Basic Teaser Betting Strategies for Punters in Canada

Teaser bets are perfectly optimized for new punters from Canada in quest of a multi faceted approach to points spread betting. Teaser bets work almost identically to parlay bets but with an easy to digest twist.

Unlike in parlay bets where all your predictions need to ring true before you can collect on your winnings, teasers afford Canadians with a shot at redeeming their original stake on the very last teaser bet, if it comes down to that.

Punters from Canada will be delighted to know that teaser bets are perfect for new punters seeking thrilling sports betting options. Teaser bets are easy and straightforward, allowing for a rapid wagering style with a reduced risk.

If you find sports betting options and the strategy behind sports bets daunting then teaser bets and a simple teaser betting strategy will provide you with the best possible way to place wagers on sporting events, through a selection of top points and picks.

The Teaser

The teaser bet is a parlay bet with slight variances in the way you bet and win. In teaser bets, punters have the opportunity to bet on varied point spreads at a lower payout rate.

This means punters from Canada have the opportunity to tease points together in order to formulate winning combinations.

Basic Teaser Betting Strategy

Punters from Canada in quest of basic teaser betting strategies will be eager to learn about the most common teasers all-new punters should begin with. These are known as basic strategy teasers and a re relatively easy to get to grips with.

Basic strategy teasers involve teasing a team’s spread through the 3 and 7. For example in the NFL, team A is playing team B at team B’s home ground, with team B at +2. At the same time team C is playing team D in team D’s home ground and team D is at –9.

Punters from Canada would now be able to play a teaser where team B can be played at +9 and team D can be played at –2. This kind of teaser can prove lucrative because both 3 and 7 are frequently featured numbers in the NFL. If Canadians are able to move the spread up or down to capture both numbers in the teaser bet the chances of winning are greatly increased.

Bet on Teasers Wisely

The nature of teasers affords punters from Canada and around the world with better odds at landing in-between the teaser bets lines. This means that teaser bets are more consistent and formulating a teaser betting strategy is not as complicated as parlay betting strategy.

Even though teaser bets are generally more forgiving than parlays, punters from Canada should keep in mind that betting on larger numbers of teams will provide a decreased favourability in the odds. Bet on teasers wisely with a solid teaser betting strategy in order to maximise the potential within teaser betting options.

Get the Best Teaser Lines

Any solid teaser betting strategy should consider finding the best lines available at Punters from Canada have an assortment of sports books providers operating online in Canada. Make use of helpful tools on the internet in order to source the best teaser betting odds like some AU punters searching for online betting offers.

Favourable teaser betting lines coupled with a solid teaser betting strategy that is controlled and valuable will afford punters from Canada with a teaser betting strategy that consistently favours all kinds of sports bets.