Some Unusual Casino Games at a Glance

Unusual Casino Games

There are a variety of standard casino games that one can play online, including Roulette, Bingo and Blackjack. However, if you’re looking for something completely unique you may be delighted to discover that there are also some unusual, and even crazy, casino games that you might never have heard of – before now that is!


Mahjong is a tile-based game very similar to rummy. It is a game of strategy and calculation that developed during the Qing dynasty in China. The game is commonly played by four players, although variations of it can be found with a different number of players through Asia and many Western countries. The game is played by drawing and discarding tiles to create a winning hand. With variable odds and so many different forms of the game available it can be quite exciting to play online!

Roulette Pinball

Roulette Pinball is just as it sounds – a unique combination between Roulette and Pinball! The game follows the same rules as a traditional European roulette game like at where you can place your bets based on number and colour. The difference comes in how the ball is launched, this time being from a Pinball machine and not spun in a traditional Roulette wheel. The ball then bounces around the metal pins before coming to land in the winning pocket. With a winning bet you can enter a gamble round where you have a chance to win ten times your original bet.

Roulette Pinball Casino Gaming

Casino War

Casino War is much like the childhood card game War that many of us played when we were young. It’s a simple game that doesn’t require too much thinking and has a relatively low house advantage. Cards are ranked in the same way Poker cards are with ace being the highest card. To start the game, each player is dealt one card and whoever’s card is higher wins the game – simple as that. The interesting part comes when a tie is held. Players can then chose to surrender, in which case they lose half their bet, or go to war in which case the stakes are doubled.

Red Dog Poker

This game is ideal for anyone that doesn’t want to have to memorise complicated Poker rules. In this simple game of Poker you place a bet and are dealt two cards. You can then double up your original wager before being dealt a third card. Pay outs depend on if your third card was the same as the first two, between the card values, or higher or lower than the previous cards.


Usually played on a Blackjack table, Catch-A-Wave slightly resembles this traditional card game. In a game of Catch-A-Wave players bet on whether the next card to be dealt will be lower or higher than the previous one. Players can stop their bet at any time, with the aim being to get as many correct choices in a row as possible to increase your wager. Guess wrong and you lose it all.