Basic Details about Fruit Shop Slots Casino Game

Fruit Shop is a five-reel, three-row video slots game from Scandinavian software developers NetEnt that presents a bold, uncluttered take on the classic fruit machine, along with the familiar electronic beeps, bells and trills expected from its sound FX.

Game Layout

The reels are plain white and unadorned, spinning under a striped awning, with simple yet colourful symbol graphics that have no frame divisions between the rows. Fruit Shop features 20 bet lines and a basic set of symbols comprising the standard poker A, K, Q, J and 10 and five fruit icons. In descending rank, these are cherries, a plum, a lemon, an orange and a watermelon. While the threshold for a win on most slots is three of a kind, Fruit Shop follows tradition in assigning a two-cherries combination a win value of 5 coins.

Like in a few slots at casinos online Dubai, for all the other symbols, three, four or five of a kind are required to make a winning bet line, running sequentially and beginning on the leftmost reel. Also as per fruit machine tradition, five cherries delivers the highest win for the regular symbols, at 2000 coins. Wins on the lower ranked poker symbols range from 5 coins for three of a kind (10, J and Q), to 150 coins for five Aces. Fruit Shop increases the winning potential of each spin by awarding a certain number of free spins for any win on any fruit combination.

Free Spins Beget Free Spins

A win of two or three cherries, or three of any other fruit symbols, generates one free spin. Four of a kind in any fruit generates two free spins, and five of a kind in any fruit wins the player five free spins. To up the intensity, in Free Spins mode Fruit Shop changes the background colour of the reels from white to yellow, and the sound FX are augmented by insistent accompanying music.

Any winning bet lines during Free Spins are paid double their regular value, and winning combinations of any symbol (including the poker symbols) during Free Spins mode wins the player additional free spins; one extra free spin for two cherries or three of anything, two extra free spins for four of a kind, and five extra free spins for five of a kind. With every winning bet line in Free Spins mode begetting more free spins, this feature can allow players to rack up substantial wins. These wins can be further enhanced by the Wild symbol.

Wilds Double Wins

Fruit Shop’s Wild icon is a cluster of leaves behind the logo Fruit Shop X2. The Wild icon substitutes for all symbols, doubling any wins on a bet line that includes the Wild and in doing so helping to activate the Free Spins mode. As with most slots games, however, only the highest win on any active bet line is paid, and the effects of multiple Wild symbols are not cumulative. In other words, if a winning bet line contains more than one Wild icon in the winning combination, the win is only doubled once, not once per Wild symbol.