A Look at Casino Regina in Saskatchewan, Canada

Casino Regina in Saskatchewan, Canada

Situated in the city of Regina in Saskatchewan, Canada, the Casino Regina is a privately owned casino that is built on one of the province’s main historical landmarks. The casino is both owned and operated by the local company Sask Gaming, and was build in Regina’s former Union Station.

As well as various amenities, Casino Regina also offers a wide variety of casino games, entertainment venues, dining opportunities and more.

History of the Regina Union Station

The Union Station in Regina was a major train station in the province of Saskatchewan after it was built and completed in 1912. The building also went through an expansion in 1931, making the station even larger than it had been previously.

The building featured a traditional station, railway police cells under the station and a collection of underground tunnels and passageways which are believed to have been used for illegally transporting alcohol and other contraband goods at the time. A local rumour even states that the legendary American gangster Al Capone was familiar with the Regina Union Station’s secret passageways himself.

Construction of the Casino Regina

The station was declared one of the state’s official heritage sites in the early 1990’s, shortly after its operations were halted due to countrywide rail service cutbacks throughout Canada.

However, construction began a few years later in 1995 to transform the Union Station into the first casino in the province, and the Casino Regina opened to the public on January 26, 1996. It continues to operate in the same location to this day.

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Casino Regina’s Tours and Entertainment

Due to the historical appeal of the old Union Station, many visitors are also attracted to the Casino Regina because of the rich history of the site on which it is built. For such visitors, historical guided tours of the remaining Union Station features can be joined, allowing participants to view the old police jail cells in the basement of the building and other important structures and relics from the train station’s past.

For more modern entertainment at the Casino Regina, an 800-seater Show Lounge regularly hosts music shows and performances, while nightly LED light shows are another attraction at this Saskatchewan casino. Finally, dining opportunities can be found at one of the Casino Regina’s 6 restaurants and bars, as well as a VIP Lounge, a CPR Lounge and the themed Rail Car and Last Spike restaurants.

Casino Gaming and Players Club Rewards

This is a relatively small casino, but the establishment still offers a wide variety of facilities to its visitors. Like selecting the Soccer World Cup betting odds in Australia, players will be able to choose from over 800 video poker and slots, and 35 casino game tables are also present on the casino’s floors.

Offering classic games like baccarat, craps, blackjack, pai gow and roulette, players can also visit the Casino Regina poker room to play poker at one of its 9 poker tables. An in-house Players Club offers loyalty points, rewards, prizes, giveaways, complimentary gifts and more.