Improved eSports Betting Results

As video game tournaments and events have grown wildly more popular in the last decade, so too has the betting industry that has sprung up around it. Bets of every shape and size are on offer, offering bettors the chance not just to follow all the action as it takes place, but also to make extra money on the side.

There has never been a better chance to break into the world of eSports betting, where popular bookmakers have used their years of experience with conventional betting to provide a vast multitude of exciting bets aimed at both beginners and veterans. Check out these eSports betting tips for getting the upper hand for every wager.

Always Use a Good Bookmaker

This is a piece of advice that any expert bettor will give to beginners: a bookmaker can make or break the entire experience, so finding a good one is absolutely necessary to finding any success. There are countless bookies that can be found on the web, and not all of them will offer a fair service, sometimes going as far as to ban a bettor that lands too many successful bets in a short amount of time. Checking out a bookie’s policies is highly recommended, along with checking out reviews from current or previous customers to see what their experiences have been with the bookmaker in question.

Choose A Fitting Game

Once, eSports was comprised of a handful of games at most, and garnered a small but passionate crowd of people. Today, however, the industry has evolved into a massive, international pastime that attracts hundreds of millions of people from across the globe, and the number of games that are available to bet on has never been higher. Call of Duty, Counter-Strike, Defence Of The Ancients, and League of Legends are just some of the more well-known names, but there are many others to choose from.

Be Aware of Odds

It’s very tempting to find the highest odds available on the roster and throw as much money as possible at the underdog with the hope of scoring a huge win, but this is a fallacy that has sunk countless bettors. It’s important to keep in mind that a bookie’s odds are based on implied probability, or an estimate of what the bettor expects will happen. It’s a good idea, before making a bet, to weigh up the odds from multiple bookies, draw personal odds from research, and wager based on a combination of this data. Winning is a numbers game, but it means having all the numbers rather than just a single bookmaker’s estimates.

Research Makes The Difference

Researching an event, the teams participating, and the different bets available for that event makes a world of difference in the ultimate outcome of a wager. The more a bettor knows about something, the more of an informed decision they are able to make – better odds of success come with preparation and success, and definitely not through blind luck.