Differences Between Traditional And Virtual Sports Betting

The organised sports that we know and love today have been around in one form or another for the last 200 years, and have become some of the most popular pastimes on the planet, with football reigning supreme. But 2020 was a year that saw many of our favourite events shut down indefinitely as the entire planet went into lockdown and the sporting world was changed in every way imaginable. But it’s impossible to keep a good thing down for too long, and betting fans didn’t have to wait to start wagering as the virtual sports industry suddenly exploded in popularity.

For anyone that has a passion for sports betting and wants to know whether they should give up on traditional sports for the time being and turn to the virtual world, these are the main differences.


Conventionally, if a bettor wanted to wager down on an international football event, for example, they would typically need to wait at least a few months before the start of the vent before they could approach a bookie and begin looking at the range of bets available. It meant having to work around timelines and with event schedules, so planning was necessary to a large degree.

Virtual sports are completely different: they allow the bettor to put money down on the sport that they want at any time of any given day. Due to the nature of virtual sports – being based completely on the internet – it’s possible to have full access as long as there is some sort of internet connection.

Availability of Sports

Betting on traditional sports often means having to work with the seasonal rotation of each sport. When the https://livebetting.nz/cricket/ season is in, the cricket bets go live, and when the football season starts, football-related bets become available. Much like accessibility, it very much depends on a set schedule and one that a bettor will need to find a way to work with each year.

In regard to virtual sports, however, waiting for a season to start is simply not necessary. Every single sport imaginable is available at a moment’s notice, and a bettor is able to wager on whichever kind of sport they feel like.

The Outcome

For a real-life sports game, there is a huge range of factors that can determine how the event will turn out. The condition of the players, the amount of training they’ve had, their experience, and their overall morale. The weather can also change how a game turns out, especially if one team is playing in a type of weather that they are not used to. It also gives the bettor the opportunity to make a well-informed prediction of who is going to win, and can drastically change how the betting turns out.

In contrast, the outcome of a virtual sports game is completely managed by a computer using a random number generator algorithm. What this means is that the outcome is completely random every time, and there’s no way at all of predicting how it will turn out.